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Why Play

The Gasper family always made play an integral part of their lives and their vibrant nature inspired us to center the Foundation around this concept. Children grow through play in so many ways and we want to encourage more and more of this!

We're Making Play 

A Priority


Unstructured Free Play Helps Children


Builds Immune System

Exercise + Movement


Stimulates Imagination

Brain 2.gif

Problem Solving Skills

Provides Vitamin C


Develops Cognativity

Play is a Fundamental Source of Happiness


  • Provides emotional and behaviour benefits
  • Improves emotional flexibility, resilience and provides an increased ability to deal with change
  • Improves strength, agility, dexterity and physical wellbeing


  • Nurtures imagination and creativity
  • Allows children to create their own experiences
  • Gives children a chance to find and develop a connection to their own self-identification


  • Fosters cognitive growth and has a beneficial impact on confidence, intelligence and communication
  • Inspires curiosity, discovery, scientific inquiry and develops problem solving skills
  • Promotes the practice of decision making, compromise, conflict resolution and sharing

Social Bonds

  • Maintains strong parent-child bonds as parents are able to engage fully with their children
  • Facilitates group interaction and engagement
  • Leads to the building of happy memories with family and friends
  • Stimulates collaborative skills

What We've Built With Your Help

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