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Our Mission

The Gasper Family Foundation is a non-profit organization bringing families & communities together through inclusive and interactive play.

What do we do?

We build playgrounds and splash parks in local communities to promote unstructured free play, encourage outdoor play, inspire creativity and especially, for families to have fun together!

Why Do We Do It?

The Gasper family’s legacy. The Gasper family always made play an integral part of their lives and their playful nature inspired us to center the Foundation around play.
Play is so important for children to learn, grow and flourish. We want to make play a priority by encouraging creativity, imagination, curiosity, physical wellbeing and social skills in our children.

How do we do it?

We put the child’s imagination at the forefront throughout our design process with the incorporation of bright colours and fun shapes that will take them on a playful and engaging adventure.
Our goal is to include fun, engaging and educational interactive features to create a deeper kind of play. 

Troy, Carissa, Kael, Shea + Maks

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