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Make people laugh like Troy

Care for people like Carissa

Be sweet like Kael

Be fearless like Shea

Smile big like Maks


In Loving Memory of The Gasper Family

The greatest joy in Troy & Carissa's life was being Mom & Dad to their three adorable children, Kael, Shea, and Maks. They loved Kael with her loving heart, Shea with his mischievous grin, and Maks with his big adorable smile. Together, a beautiful, young and loving family.
On Friday, June 29, 2018, Troy (26), Carissa (28), and their three children, Kael (6), Shea (4) & Maks (2) tragically lost their lives.
The Gasper family cherished their time together as a family, each one a piece of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. In their time, cut far too short, they touched the lives of many with their warm hearts, big smiles, infectious personalities, and love for life.
This family of five always made time for play and filled every day with love and laughter. An evening free from extracurricular activities or volunteering would involve a family outing to the playground or making their own family fun by finding creative ways to play together. They were involved with many boards, teams, and events throughout the community and were always ready to lend a hand.
The Gasper family’s legacy will forever be remembered by inspiring families to love, laugh, and play together.

"There are those who continue to light up the world long after they have gone."

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